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The Great Southwest District Foundation is a tax-exempt, 501(c)3, arm of the Great Southwest Civitan District.
We administer three special events each year Ab Irvine Scholarship, Rozier Sanchez Essay Contest and the Youth Citizenship Seminar.


Every Member of the Great Southwest Civitan District is the Foundation and we could not and cannot do it without each and every member of the district.
We depend on every member and every club to help by participating in the fundraisers and by contributing to the projects the Foundation is working on for the betterment of the High School and College Students in the District, by providing programs and scholarships to help them achieve their goals and become members of the current and future support systems and research teams for people with disabilities.


Membership:  All members in good standing of Civitan clubs in good standing in the Great Southwest Civitan District are members of the foundation.
Board: The board consists of nine members elected for 3 year terms on a rotating basis so that generally three members are elected each year. Elections are held at the annual GSWC district convention.

Purpose: The purpose of the foundation is very broad according to the articles of incorporation including most activities any charitable organization might undertake. The actual projects which the foundation administers are far more limited. The IRS specifically designates the “Youth Citizenship Seminar” as the qualifying activity for the foundations tax exempt status.

Projects: The projects of the foundation is one way all district clubs can participate in joint projects which are generally larger than a project a single club may wish to take on. Currently the foundation is organizing three of its favorite projects.


This project has taken many forms over the years from single day workshops and lectures to weekend retreats. The mission of course is to educate youth in good citizenship issues. This is a project was re-invented in 2012 with the Edgewood Civitan Club taking the lead in administering the program.


This contest is named after a long-time Civitan member Rozier E. Sanchez who with the assistance of his wife, Victoria, and other members including Art Lacy developed a tremendously successful essay contest complete with awards and a prestigious recognition banquet. This project presented topics which challenged the entrants to consider social and citizenship issues and was re-established in 2014 with the Route 66 Civitan Club organizing the project.


Established in 1990, is given annually by the Foundation in memory of a man who personified Civitan.  He also dedicated himself to giving many hours on behalf of Special Olympics. Because the main focus of Civitan service projects is to help those with special needs, this scholarship is given to a student who is either a college junior, senior or graduate student majoring in some field of Special Education.  For example, this could be someone who plans to teach at either the elementary or secondary level or someone majoring in Communication Disorders/Speech and Language Pathology.

The Foundation offers scholarships of: $1,750 for first place, $1,000 for second place and $750 for the third place winner.   The winners may use it toward either tuition or books.  We recognize that the need for Special Education teachers is great and feel this will assist some deserving student in to make a difference in others’ lives. 
The legal address of the applicant must be within the Great Southwest Civitan District (Colorado, New Mexico or El Paso County, Texas) but they may attend a college or university anywhere in one of these three states.

Criteria for selection of the scholarship Recipients are on based on: 1) Major (must be in one of the above mentioned fields); 2) GPA in major (must be 3.0 or above); 3) Career plans; 4) Extracurricular activities; 5) Personal data (e.g. working while going to school); and 6) Financial need. The Santa Fe Civitan Club is administering this program for the foundation.

Foundation Funding & How you can help!

The foundation generally relies on clubs for donations to support its projects. Fundraisers at district conventions also assist in financial support of the foundation. As you can see the needs are significant. The Ab Irvine project alone requires $3,500 annually to fund the scholarships. The foundation has been attempting to build an endowment type fund to support the scholarships.  The endowment is currently approximately $20,000. The earnings from this fund help but do not provide enough funds to pay for even one scholarship. The foundation hopes to continue building its endowment but currently contributions are inadequate to cover the cost of the programs themselves. The foundation encourages all clubs to budget for annual contributions to the foundation. The clubs may specify the project it is supporting and the funds are ear marked for that purpose. Contributions may be sent to the foundation treasurer: Rick Moore 1458 S. St. Francis Dr. Santa Fe, NM  87505-4038

Board Officers & Members for the 2014-2015 Year

President: Jannetta Dodson - Route 66
Vice-President: Twila Donaldson - Valencia
Secretary: Sandy Levine- Santa Fe
Treasurer: Rick Moore- Santa Fe
Voting Board Members:
Faye Hurd- City of Vision
Bernie Funk - Castle Rock
Patty Lamb - City of Vision
Loretta Micek - River of Hope
Twila Donaldson – Valencia
Ric Watson- South Valley
Guest Member- Stew Reinhold - Governor GSWCD


Check us out  online— Keep checking back to see final dates on our projects and for more projects and activities to come in the months and years ahead. This site is solely for the purpose of education about the Great Southwest Civitan Foundation. You will find application information, forms, applications, deadlines, dates, board member lists and contacts.

501 (c) 3 Status

The Great Southwest Civitan Foundation, Inc. (The Foundation) was incorporated in October 1981 and received its designation as a non-profit (501 (c) (3)) corporation in August, 1984


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Tel: 505-382-5253